In-App Purchases

Specific information about the payment method In-App Purchases.

In-App purchases offer customers extra content and features such as digital goods, premium content or material that is available upon subscription. They are generally split into 4 categories:

  • Consumable items such as virtual currency that allows you to obtain certain items.
  • Non-consumable items such as premium features, which you only have to buy once and do not expire.
  • Auto-renewable subscriptions, which charge users for certain premium content or services on a recurring basis.
  • Non-renewable subscriptions, which provide users access to certain content for a limited amount of time.

If you are selling apps in the common app stores, customers may choose to pay the App Store operator for the app purchase or for purchases while using the app.

When working with Accounting as a Service, the following app stores are supported:


The end customer pays the App Store operator. No widget integration required.


The settlement is done directly by the App Store operator without any assistance from Accounting as a Service. Unfortunately, it is usually not possible to receive a settlement reference so that you can match the payment with the open items.


The Accounting as a Service system is not involved in triggering the refund process. This is handled directly by the App Store operator, so please align any issues with them or refer to the corresponding documentation.

Returns are supported as outlined in the use case Return webshop order and will be booked accordingly in the accounting module.

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