Specific information about the payment method Giftcard.

Giftcards are preloaded with a specific amount of credit that customers can use to make online payments. The customer can use Giftcards to pay for a transaction in full or in part, and make up the rest with another payment method. There are several ways and solutions to integrate Giftcards. You may have your own Giftcard solution or use a 3rd party provider.


Accounting as a Service can support full or partial payments by Giftcard except payments where there is frontend integration for authorization or capture with a 3rd party provider. However, if your system is already integrated with Accounting as a Service, you can continue to use it by providing the Giftcard payment information when calling Create webshop order.

In case of partial payment via Giftcard, any other secondary payment method is allowed.


Generally, Accounting as a Service supports settlement and reconciliation for Giftcards. However, some customization efforts may be necessary. Please get in touch with us if you need more detailed information or assistance.


Refund handling for orders that have been paid by Giftcard are done via bank transfer. The following options are available to set up your refund functionality:

  • Standard orders: Make use of Return webshop order to provide the customer's IBAN.
  • System-specific Giftcards: If you are recharging the Giftcards via your own system or issue a new one, inform the accounting module via Return webshop order.

For orders that have only partially been paid via Giftcard we refund the amount that has been paid by the secondary payment method automatically.

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