Specific information about the payment method Sofort.

Sofort, also known as Pay now with Klarna, is a popular real-time online banking method in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium. Sofort is also available in Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom and allows you to make fast and easy payments for your online purchases using your online bank details.

The shopper chooses to pay online by Sofort by selecting Sofort as their preferred payment method. Then, the shopper is redirected to a payment page to select their preferred bank from the list of supported banks. Once the shopper has chosen their bank from the list, they are requested to authenticate the transaction by logging in and entering their TAN (transaction authentication number) to confirm the payment. Finally, the merchant receives payment confirmation to ship the order/deliver the goods to the shopper.


Sofort as well as Accounting as a Service support payments via debit/capture. The related configuration is part of the onboarding procedure and can be found in the technical application. If you have already been onboarded, please contact us or send us your request for configuration change.

In case you need help or advice, please contact us.


The settlement for Sofort payments follows the standard collecting PSP model in Accounting as a Service.


In case of a refund to be handled as part of a return, you should follow our use case Return creation to trigger the refund procedure in Accounting as a Service. Alternatively, if the refund happens in the context of a goodwill procedure, please follow the use case Good will creation for triggering a goodwill credit within Accounting as a Service.

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