Specific information about the payment method Blik.

BLICK is the most popular Polish mobile payment method that allows millions of mobile phone users to make payments. Shoppers do not need to provide credit card details or remember their internet banking data. To make a payment, shoppers use the BLIK mobile app to obtain a secure six-digit code to authenticate the payment. The shopper completes the payment by confirming the transaction in the app.

The shopper chooses to pay online with BLIK by selecting BLIK as their preferred payment method. Then, the merchant and PSP send a transaction request to BLIK and redirect the shopper to the payment page. Next, the shopper opens their mobile banking app to get the 6-digit BLIK code to enter on the payment page. If the authentication is successful, the BLIK system sends a push notification to the shopper's mobile banking app and waits for confirmation. If the authorization is successful, the shopper is redirected back to the merchant's website and receives confirmation that the transaction has been completed successfully.


BLIK as well as Accounting as a Service support payments via debit/capture. The related configuration is part of the onboarding procedure and can be found in the technical application. If you have already been onboarded, please contact us or send us your request for configuration change.

In case you need help or advice, please contact us.


The settlement for BLIK payments follows the standard collecting PSP model in Accounting as a Service.


In case of a refund to be handled as part of a return, you should follow our use case Return creation to trigger the refund procedure in Accounting as a Service. Alternatively, if the refund happens in the context of a goodwill procedure, please follow the use case Good will creation for triggering a goodwill credit within Accounting as a Service.

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