Specific information about the payment method Bancontact.

The Bancontact (formerly known as Mister Cash) debit card or mobile app is Belgium’s most commonly used online payment method. It lets shoppers make real-time transactions to buy products and services. A Bancontact card with a PIN is issued to customers who open a Belgian bank account - the service is alternatively also available via mobile app. Bancontact is a widely accepted payment method for merchants. It gives their Belgian shoppers a quick, easy to use and secure online way to pay for goods and services via their bank account without the need for a credit card. Furthermore, with Bancontact, merchants are guaranteed their funds, and they will significantly benefit from not having to deal with chargebacks or reserves.

The shopper chooses to pay online via Bancontact by selecting Bancontact as their preferred payment method. Then, the shopper is redirected to a payment page to choose their authentication method by entering their PAN or scanning a QR code. The merchant receives payment confirmation after the shopper confirms their payment through 2FA using either 3DS (for PAN) or their Bancontact app (for QR code authentication). That means that the merchant can ship the order/deliver the goods to the shopper.


Bancontact as well as Accounting as a Service support payments via debit/capture. The related configuration is part of the onboarding procedure and can be found in the technical application. If you have already been onboarded, please contact us or send us your request for configuration change.

In case you need help or advice, please contact us.


The settlement for Bancontact payments follows the standard collecting PSP model in Accounting as a Service.


In case of a refund to be handled as part of a return, you should follow our use case Return creation to trigger the refund procedure in Accounting as a Service. Alternatively, if the refund happens in the context of a goodwill procedure, please follow the use case Good will creation for triggering a goodwill credit within Accounting as a Service.

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