SEPA Direct Debit (branded)

Specific information about the payment method SEPA Direct Debit (as a branded BNPL solution).

SEPA Direct Debit belongs to the payment method type of "Buy now, pay later" (BNPL). In summary, SEPA Direct Debit represents a payment method where the BNPL payment provider debits the SEPA bank account of the customer after the delivery. The payment is therefore more convenient for the customer than open invoice (branded) as there is no further action to be taken by the customer, but it leads to a debit even if the goods will be returned.

For more information, please refer to open invoice (branded). The only difference is, that the BNPL provider will collect the bank data from the customer and debit the customers bank account as agreed on.

Please note, this page handles the branded variant of SEPA Direct Debit. You may also be interested in SEPA Direct Debit as white-label BNPL solution.


A customer may issue a return debit note at his bank without any reason, or the bank may charge back the debit, e.g. in case of insufficient funds. As the BNPL provider takes the risk, there is no further process to do neither on merchant side nor on Accounting as a Service side.

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