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Get started with Accounting as a Service by creating your free test account.

Get started with Accounting as a Service by requesting your free test account. Your test account allows you to connect to the API of our TEST environment and to play around or to start with your integration. For all further contractual handling, you will be contacted by our team once you signed up for your test account.

Please note, your registration is non-binding and does not incur any costs.

How to subscribe for your test account?

Our TEST environment comes along with a sample client that you can use to explore our API. The sample client can be found in the product section of the API Explorer.

In order to create your user account and get your subscription key(s), you will have to subscribe for the sample client. To do so, please click on the "Subscribe" button as outlined in the product detail page of the sample client and follow the subscription process.

Once you signed up, you will receive an email to confirm your subscription. From there on, you can sign in to the API Explorer. Your subscription keys can be found as part of your user profile.

What comes next?

Once you successfully signed up for your test account, you can start using your subscription keys to make calls to the API. To explore the API, checkout step 2 of the getting started section, proving a list of potential starting points.

For further information about how to use your subscription keys, checkout the general information about to handle authentication in the scope of the API.