An overview of the steps helping you to get started and using Accounting as a Service.

Step 1: Get your test account

Get started with Accounting as a Service by requesting your free test account. Your test account allows you to connect to our API and to play around or to directly start with your integration. To explore our API, you may want to use the API Explorer to get an overview.

For all further contractual handling, you will be contacted by our team once you signed up for your test account.

Step 2: Start building your integration

Start implementing your integration using your test account. While doing so, you can start working on your preparation for a live account. You may want to wait for your configuration details (describing your desired technical setup) to be reviewed and approved before building the whole integration.

Here is a list of potential good starting points to kick off your integration and to get familiar with Accounting as a Service:

Step 3: Prepare for your live account

While your test account is fine to play, test and integrate with our API in the TEST environment using the sample client, your live account will be required to consume our API in the PROD environment. For more information about the TEST and PROD environment, please refer to our list of available environments.

Due to the nature of Accounting as a Service and its customization capabilities, you will have to provide a wide range of configuration details which we need to set up your live account.

Here is a checklist to help you to prepare for a live account:

  • Make sure you've been in touch with a sales contact for all non-technical contractual topics.
  • Follow our step-by-step instruction guide to specify all required configuration details by filling out your technical application.
  • Send us your technical application for your live account via email to aqount-support@riverty.com.

While you wait for a live account, you can work on your integration using your test account and the sample client which is available in the TEST environment. However, you may want to wait for the result of your application to be confirmed first.

Setting up your product catalogue when using the subscription module

In case you plan to use the subscription module, your product catalogue needs to be defined and configured, which is considered to be an additional step beside filling out your technical application by following the before mentioned step-by-step instruction guide.

How to set up your product catalogue? When it comes to filling your product catalogue, there are different ways in which your products and options complete with price plans, charges, discounts and campaigns can be mapped to our product catalogue. To do so, we will guide and consult you. Setting up the initial product catalogue is done in a workshop as part of the onboarding process.

To schedule a workshop, please contact your sales person or get in touch.

Step 4: Configure your live account

Once your contract has been signed and your technical application has been approved, you will be provided with a dedicated product that will be made available to you in the product list of the API Explorer. The product will contain specific configuration tailored to your needs based on the information from your technical application (e.g. supported payment methods and PSPs).

Once the test account is set up, the product will be made available to you in our PROD environment as well, where you need to subscribe again in order to create your live account.

Before you start consuming our API in PROD using your live account, you should use our Go-Live checklist to make sure to have everything set up correctly.