Business codes

Accounting as a Service's accounting is based on the concept of so called business codes. A business code is the combination of a legal entity and the relevant currency (e.g. DE/EUR, FR/EUR, UK/GBP). Accounting as a Service's month-end- / year-end-reporting is separated per business code and in single currencies to prevent currency conversion discrepancies.

Country: The country of registration. If you have different legal entities (e.g. country entities or different brand entities) we support this with individual business codes. It is not important where the order is placed, but which tax scheme has to be applied. Therefore the country depends on the registration of your business.

Currency: To make sure that the data is not influenced by currency conversions, reporting will be done based on the currency in which we have received the orders.

That means, if you e.g. have one legal entity which is selling goods in EUR and GBP, Accounting as a Service is set up with two business codes. If you have one entity which is selling goods e.g. in EUR in different countries, we will setup only one business code.

Please note: If a currency or country in which your business is registered is not listed below, please get in touch with us and we will create the appropriate business code.

Country Currency Business Code
EU (all countries) EUR 1000
DE EUR 1001
IT EUR 1002
NL EUR 1003
AT EUR 1004
BE EUR 1005
FR EUR 1006
ES EUR 1007
PT EUR 1008
IE EUR 1009
FI EUR 1010
LT EUR 1011
LV EUR 1012
EE EUR 1013
SK EUR 1014
SI EUR 1015
CZ CZK 1200
DK DKK 1300
HR HRK 1500
HU HUF 1600
PL PLN 1700
SE SEK 1900
CH CHF 2100
UK GBP 2200
NO NOK 2500
US* USD 3000
CA* CAD 3100
MX* MXN 3200
AU* AUD 4000
TW* TWD 5000

* Business Codes are available but will have to be set up by request. The setup is not included in the initial setup.